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I Dare You to Interrupt

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Listen to episodes of Dare to Interrupt on any major podcast platform, or right here.

I was so nervous to pitch my podcast concept to the Editor-in-Chief of a successful publication. I had teased out the idea with a small group of trusted people, knocked on a couple of doors, and now I was here. On the phone, script in hand. I wrote down every single word I needed to say so I didn’t totally fall flat on my face on the phone.

Was my idea good enough? Had it been done before? Was the concept important enough? Was I important enough? Would I be able to communicate the basis of the podcast in a way that would be convincing… and worth someone paying for?

“Let’s do it,” said the active listener, and now… my Editor-in-Chief.

I believed in the potential and the power of my podcast, Dare to Interrupt. I had believed in it so much that it forced me to believe in myself.

I come from an industry that is made up of 75% women, but far more men hold leadership positions than women. As a young professional, I rose very quickly in my field, earning awards and applause for my hard work. But when I was up for a promotion or a raise, I was short changed or fanned away. When I sat on my first board of directors, I was sexually harassed by not one, but two different men over the span of two years. During one board meeting, I was laughed at and called “sweetheart” for questioning the decision to put profit ahead of people.

With every negative experience came a lesson. With every lesson came growth. With that growth came new ideas and more experiences. I joined a different board of directors that aligned with my values, I took on different types of leadership roles, I wrote articles and spoke on stages about sexual harassment prevention, and I took the time to mentor anyone who asked. I also forgave. I forgave those who never asked for forgiveness or offered acknowledgment of their actions. I forgave the man who, during the question and answer section of my keynote on sexual harassment, informed me that I did not do enough to prevent sexual harassment from happening to me again. I got on stage again. And again. And again.

When I decided I wanted to create a podcast, I knew it had to be something impactful. I didn’t want it to be just another “how-to” or a series of elbow-rubbing conversations. I wanted it to be real. Authentic. Vulnerable. Daring.

I built the concept of my Dare to Interrupt podcast on the foundation of offering women a platform to share their own stories, ideas and experiences, uninterrupted and unapologetically. They would have a chance to speak their truth and show the world who they really were, for better or worse. This was their moment. This was our moment.

I chose to approach a publication that I knew operated with integrity and open mindedness. They have given me complete freedom to create. They trust and appreciate my perspective and mission. Working with another partner would not have the same. In a way, they were the nest that I flew from.

I share all of this with you in hopes of inspiring you to also go after something you want, maybe even something that scares you. I encourage you to share your own story. I applaud your vulnerability. I welcome your perspective.

There is more than enough room for all of us to have a voice. To be heard. To create a meaningful legacy that is built on a foundation of raw truth and authenticity.

Go do your thing. Then share it with the world so they believe that they can do their thing too.

There is no question that you can accomplish whatever you want to if you put the work in. The real question is, how daring will you be?

I want to know your plans of world domination. Share your fears and dreams with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I'm listening and waiting for the opportunity to cheer you on.

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