Lean In and Level UP: The Secrets to Strategic Success

What does it really take to be successful and what kind of legacy will you create as your career evolves? Understanding how to grip the tools that will help you identify your strengths, flex your confidence, and cultivate tenacity are the first steps in harnessing the opportunity to step up your game. Engage in this highly interactive experience where you will learn how to design a powerful professional brand, network strategically and inclusively, and develop your foundation to achieve a wildly successful, meaningful career.

Dare to Disrupt: Interrupting Insecurities & Slaying Imposter Syndrome

There is only one “you” in this entire world. Your complex combination of strengths and life experiences provides you with a unique perspective that is greatly valuable to others. Confronting your insecurities, practicing self-love and understanding how to let your core strengths shine is critical to getting out of your own head - and out of your own way. In this life-changing session, you will identify your strengths, own your self-worth, and learn how to set yourself up to WIN.

How to Improve Human-to-Human Connection and Meet with Meaning

The key to change is connection. The better we are at connecting with people, the greater our chances of success and impact become. Whether you organize meetings and conferences or simply wish to communicate more openly and effectively with clients, teams and peers, understanding the art of meeting with intention dramatically improves relationships, closes gaps of all kinds, and provides you with an opportunity to intentionally design human-to-human experiences that matter.

Will You Be

My Mentor?

If you ask the most successful people to share their secrets to success, many will give you the same response: they had great mentors. Aligning yourself with phenomenal mentors unlock the doors to achievement. So, how exactly do you find a mentor, what do you do when you have one, and how can you maximize the experience over the span of many years?

Check Yourself: Brand Perception vs Brand Reality

Are you aware that you (yes, YOU!) have a “brand”? Your brand is composed of your values, public awareness, and people’s perception. As leaders and human beings, one of our greatest desires is to be seen by others as we see ourselves. If there is a discrepancy between the two perceptions, we experience internal turmoil because those around us have not had the experience that we want them to. You now have two options: adopt the public’s perception as reality or take control and give the world a chance to know the real, authentic you. Understand and combat the impact of misperception and learn how to transform and influence the world’s perception of you - both in person and on social media.

Passion, Purpose and a Plan: Power Up Your Dreams to Become Your Reality

A passion without a plan is just a dream. We all have passions and we all have a purpose, but until we identify and align the two with a strategic plan, we will not make real progress. Tap into your passions, pinpoint your purpose, and craft a unique and meaningful plan to build a strong foundation that will transform your dreams into your reality. 

Seriously, Stop Hiding

in the Bathroom

Have you ever snuck off to the restroom to avoid engaging in uncomfortable small talk at networking events? If you’re honest enough to admit this, you’re brave enough to laugh it off and do better. Having meaningful conversations and expanding your circle is critical to building a successful career. Networking doesn’t have to be sh*tty. Stop flushing your potential down the toilet and learn real tricks that will help you win friends and influence people.

It’s Not You, It’s Me… and Other Things Your Employees Told You

People don’t leave bad companies; they leave for opportunities where they will find more growth and value. What exactly do young professionals want and need, love and despise? This is your opportunity to hear the answer straight from the source where hundreds of young professionals get real and share what’s on their minds. In this comically honest and undeniably career-changing presentation, you will learn how to identify, nurture and retain top talent in your organization and on your team.

Bossed: From Bad Bosses

to Bossing Up

Most of us have either told our own stories of bad bosses or heard our friends share nightmarish tales of their experiences with management. From The Devil Wears Prada to Horrible Bosses, we have been entertained (and scarred) for years by poor management and questionable leaders. This presentation promises the audience a good laugh and a shake of the head as we turn stories of failure into opportunities to succeed - and lead.

Learning to Lead with Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Empathy is a powerful tool that allows you to be open and to understand points of view that are vastly different from your own. Though empathy is considered one of the most essential skills for authentic, transformational, and effective leaders to practice, many professionals struggle with how to fully understand and champion the opportunity. Learn, grow, and practice leading with empathy in this game-changing, peer-to-peer experience.