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If you’re looking for someone to bring out the best in your audience, keep reading. Courtney’s strength is connecting deeply and authentically with people, no matter what the setting. Her knack for facilitating engaging, raw, vulnerable conversations bridges many of the gaps that separate people: from each other, from success, and from tapping into their greatest potential. 


Whether you’re aiming to challenge and motivate 3,000 professionals to strategically lead teams and influence workplace culture with empathy, or teach and inspire ambitious women in a 50-person workshop to think differently and speak up when it counts, Courtney will not only empower your audience to stretch their leadership boundaries, but she will teach each attendee how their behavior can inspire meaningful change and create a legacy that truly matters, both inside and outside of the office. 

"Courtney is one of the industry’s best! We had the pleasure of having her emcee our panel for women in leadership at Cvent Connect and our live broadcast of Cvent Connect TV - she was incredible! Courtney is confident, authentic, poised, and came very well prepared. She skillfully guided our panel of seasoned executive women in a conversation that delivered 5-star ratings! Her passion for the topic of diversity in the boardroom was evident and as such she was not afraid to shift the conversation and challenge the speakers, all the while balancing what the audience wanted to hear about with expertise the individual panelists were qualified to provide. It was such a pleasure to work with Courtney and I am looking forward to partnering with her in the near future to continue the conversation on empowering women to get a seat at the boardroom table in the event and hospitality industry. I highly recommend Courtney for any events – you will be delighted with the results!"

- Francesca Vereb, Vice President of Marketing, Cvent



Courtney believes wholeheartedly that every person has the potential to positively influence their environment and those around them, if they are able to identify their strengths, use their voice, and truly embrace the practice of active empathy. Courtney excels at educating and inspiring women, ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations to succeed by using their talents and voice strategically and authentically.

Give your clients, members, and employees a life-changing in-person or virtual event experience they can't stop talking about. Courtney customizes each keynote presentation to create a unique moment that deeply resonates with the audience and aligns beautifully with your strategic vision.

"We had the pleasure of having Courtney speak to members on the "Essentials of Empathy" and WOW was it impactful! She recounted real life relatable experiences with powerful outcomes. She pushed us to get to our most vulnerable self and gave us takeaways that translate not only in the workplace but to our personal everyday lives. I would highly recommend hiring Courtney. You will not regret it! - Melanie Blanche, CMP, President, MPI Tennessee Chapter

"We engaged Courtney as a speaker for our PIVOT Virtual Summit educating 1,500 event professionals during the pandemic. The session was on turning your setbacks into a comeback and not only was the content very timely, Courtney gave very practical tips to help our audience think about their value at a time when the industry is in total upheaval. Her session was highly relatable, authentic and meaningful and I'd highly recommend her for other events!"

- Liz Caruso, CEO, Liz King Events & techsytalk


Keynote presentations are great, but sometimes your goal is for your members, employees and clients to dive in a little deeper. Courtney excels at creating customized in-person and virtual workshops or webinars that are hands-on, engaging and inclusive. Whether there are 25 people in the room or 150, Courtney's formal education in experience design and leadership studies gives her the tools and know-how to ensure that everyone's ideas, questions and voices are heard and valued. 

"Courtney has empowered many young leaders to grow out of their comfort zone, take on new leadership roles and advocate for important issues. She has an abundance of stories and experiences which have stuck with me, including her workshop at the SITE Young Leaders Conference where she spoke about learning to speak up and believe in yourself. By listening to Courtney present, many young leaders have been encouraged to speak up for change, build their brand and learn essential life-changing skills." - Zaman Ishaad, Council on International Educational Exchange

"Courtney is the quintessential changemaker. A champion for all, she is fearlessly leading the way to a brighter, better future by sheer will and example. I was fortunate to first hear Courtney speak at MPI’s WEC 2019 and was so impressed by her ‘it’ factor that I wanted to learn from her and absorb her wisdom, so I hired her as my coach. I fully endorse and recommend Courtney as a life-changing speaker and coach and am grateful for the contributions she continues to make in forging a better path into the future for all of us." - Christine Mack, Themed Entertainment Association




Working with a variety of nonprofit, association and corporate audiences, Courtney is a dynamic, witty and engaging event emcee and moderator who seamlessly connects people to content and conversations. Her experience as an event technology consultant and virtual event producer allows her to provide strategic guidance in the areas of virtual engagement, sponsorship development, content ideation and formatting, and technical support. She is the expert you want on your team behind the scenes, and the onstage personality your audience will fall in love with. 


From facilitating lively panels, introducing keynote speakers and conducting energetic interviews to increasing audience engagement and keeping everything on schedule, Courtney will work with your team to elevate your brand and bring your objectives to life on stage, both in-person and virtually.

"Courtney not only played the role of event emcee for our first-ever virtual conference, but she helped us design the format, content, and engagement strategy and helped us totally knock our event out of the park. 10/10 would recommend Courtney as the best event emcee you could ever choose. She brings so much value to the table!” - Dr. Lorie Tuma, Grand Valley State University

"Merchant Advisory Group is an association “family” of retailers that expect a comfortable environment to collaborate with their peers and educate themselves about consumer payments. We hosted our first virtual event this past fall and Courtney’s performance as an emcee brought an authentic and engaging down-to-earth midwestern personality to our event that represented our MAG brand well. In addition, our members and sponsors spoke very highly of the value she brought to attendees by way of creating engagement between sessions throughout the event. Until next time!"

- Laura Townsend, Chief Operations Officer, Merchant Advisory Group




Shaken, Not Stirred:

Transforming a Setback into Your Greatest Comeback

You cannot control what curveballs are thrown your way (yes, including a global pandemic), but you can control how you respond. When faced with extreme adversity, you may experience a variety of financial, mental and emotional hardships that you have never navigated before. Feeling lost or even paralyzed is completely normal, but within life’s setback lies a silver lining: an opportunity to lean into the most incredible comeback - and growth - you could have ever imagined. 


Participants will learn:

How to work through the various stages of a setback

Tangible, effective methods to increase productivity… even when you or your teammates feel unmotivated 

Why practicing servanthood sales strategies, emotional intelligence and empathy are the foundation of a comeback during a widespread crisis

Powerful strategies to rebrand your mission, brand, and build trust with your customers and employees


If you have been knocked down by one of life’s many plot twists and feel ready to start moving forward, this keynote will inspire you to look inward, take steps forward, and rewrite the next chapter of your story the way YOU want. 

This customized keynote comes with a session toolkit so participants have tangible items to keep learning and growing after our time together!

Best Audience: Leadership Teams, Women, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Companies, Associations


Length: 60 minutes



Owning Your Mic Drop Moment

So many people leave jobs, relationships, business ventures, and conversations feeling that if they had offered feedback, shared their ideas or verbalized their value, they would have achieved more. The truth is… they’re right! This keynote is designed to empower participants to get curious about what holds them back, learn how to build confidence in uncomfortable moments, create a culture of positive outspokenness, and understand the power of owning their story, their voice, and their opportunity to change the game


Participants will learn:


How falling victim to imposter syndrome and other obstacles translates to less opportunity, happiness, and success

Life-changing verbal and nonverbal strategies to communicate with confidence and impact

Methodology to connect with others more authentically, powerfully and profitably 

How to transform moments of fear into opportunities of growth and change

The ways in which leading by example improves organizational culture and increases profitability


Do you wish you spoke up more during meetings, in boardrooms, at networking events or even in your annual review? Do you wish you had the courage to outwardly disagree with others? Do you dream about living an unapologetically authentic life? Do you want to feel seen and heard? This life-changing keynote will inspire you to transform moments of discomfort into opportunities to create and totally OWN your mic drop moment. 


This customized keynote comes with a session toolkit so participants have tangible items to keep learning and growing after our time together!


Best Audience: Leadership Teams, Mid-Level Managers, Women, Minorities, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Companies, Associations


Length: 60 minutes

Image by Fadi Xd

The Essentials of Empathy:

Changing Culture, Building Trust, and Cultivating Leaders

In a world where companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each year because employees, customers and stakeholders walk out the door, it’s time to pay attention to what matters most: your people.


Participants will learn:


How to achieve maximum results through transparency and active listening

Powerful strategies that increase performance, retention, and profitability 

Methodology to help create a culture built on courage and trust

Guidance on improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence


If you’re motivated to make simple and powerful shifts that will get to the heart of real leadership, humanize interactions to improve morale, and increase long-term profitability, it’s time to focus on the greatest resource you have: your people. 

This customized keynote comes with a session toolkit so participants have tangible items to keep learning and growing after our time together!

Best Audience: Leadership Teams, Women, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Companies, Associations


Length: 60 minutes

Courtney believes in creating a custom in-person or virtual event experience for each audience. If you would like to explore designing something unique for your participants, please send Courtney a direct message.