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Return on Emotion: Creating a Vibe that Drives Business

What is "Return on Emotion" and how can you curate experiences that provoke happiness, which in turn, lead to greater profitability?

Liz Lathan, chief marketing officer at Haute, gives us a peek behind the curtain at Haute's groundbreaking study on emotion and the innovative experiences that have blown audiences away.

Read on for information about the star of this episode, Liz Lathan!

Creator of the new business metric Return on Emotion℠. Event Marketer B2B Dream Team nominee. Smart Meetings Entrepreneur of the Year.

Liz Lathan, CMP, is a marketing strategist focused on events and dedicated to bridging the gap between sales and marketing. She's a corporate event and experiential marketer who's obsessed with applying modern marketing principles to events.

Liz is a professional virtual event emcee, Zoom super-user and Spontaneous Think Tank™ facilitator. Liz has led event marketing strategy and teams at Fortune 50 companies and consults on how to optimize events within a broader marketing program.

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