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#OUTSPOKEN: Owning Your Mic Drop Moment

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

“I’m tired of being silent.”

“I want to build my confidence.”

“I’ve had enough of getting walked all over.”

“I need to learn how to advocate for myself.”

These are just a few of the reasons why women said they wanted to join my brand new personal growth community, #OUTSPOKEN: Owning Your Mic Drop Moment.

When I read these responses, my heart swelled with empathy and compassion. It filled me with excitement because I knew I could offer guidance and support. It helped me remember exactly why I was working so hard in this broken economy to build a business that served others in a truly life-changing, meaningful way.

So many people - often women - leave jobs, relationships, networking events and conversations filled with regret. Regret of not speaking up when they felt that internal nudge to jump in. Remorse for not allowing themselves to truly be seen by others. Shame for staying silent when they knew, if they had spoken up, maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference to anyone else, but it would have made a difference to them.

I have been there. I have done that -- so many times. The parallel regret I have after leaving every job I have ever had has been that I did not speak up for myself more. I stayed quiet. I didn’t want to make waves. I took verbal and emotional lashings from abusive and manipulative bosses. I thought that it was more strategic to keep my head down, continue collecting a paycheck, and get what “I needed” in the moment. I was right -- and I was wrong. Sure, I lasted longer than other colleagues who voiced their opinions and were brave enough to disagree with tyrannical leaders, but they left with their heads held high; they stayed true to their values and to themselves.

I practiced gratitude in all the wrong ways. I was grateful for the job, for the opportunity, and for the security. I sold my soul for things that didn’t serve me in ways that truly mattered.

I would work up the courage to speak up for myself sometimes, when I felt I was truly being taken advantage of. It was challenging. It never went well. That’s the thing -- even when we prepare ourselves to speak up and stand our ground, we forget to prepare for the ways in which the conversation can evolve. We forget to prepare for a rejecting or challenging response. We forget that speaking up is a marathon, not a sprint.

I have learned so much about what happens to you when you don’t speak up: stress and anxiety build, shame festers, and your growth is stunted. You are incapable of living an unapologetically authentic life. You are unable to truly be… free.

I have also learned how your life changes when you do speak up. You filter through people and opportunities that don’t serve you. You build your confidence. You find your true voice. You design your own authentic tribe of supporters. You grow. You live. You thrive. You own life’s mic drop moments.

Speaking up takes courage. It takes practice. It takes support. That’s why I created the personal growth community, #OUTSPOKEN. This tribe of incredible people are looking to stretch their boundaries, break out of their comfort zone, identify their true self, and speak up when it counts... even from a stage (yes, we're going to dig into sharing your story in a big way)! I’m so excited to go on this journey with them… and with you, if you’re ready.

Join the #OUTSPOKEN tribe. We’re here for you, waiting to lift you up, encourage you, and break into applause when you have your first, second, and third mic drop moments.

Contact me to lead, inspire, or facilitate a life-changing conversation for your next conference or event. Or, if you'd like to engage in one-on-one career or public speaking coaching, get in touch. I'd love to work with you.

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