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Eat, Pray, Love: Traveling the World and Making an Impact

Is it safe to host meetings and events abroad?

In the latest episode of Dare to Interrupt, third generation incentive travel professional Ashley Lawson, VP of business partnerships at Achieve Incentives & Meetings, is spending a year traveling to the world's top incentive destinations to report back to meeting planners how—and where—they can safely host in-person events.

With community impact at the heart of her work, Ashley shares how she has been able to change lives while executing events, including raising funds for a hotel employee's son to receive a life-saving surgery.

Listen now to experience the full episode!

Read on for information about the star of this episode, Ashley Lawson!

Ashley Lawson serves as the VP of business partnerships at Achieve Incentives & Meetings, a meetings and travel incentive planning firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. As the first of the third-generation at the family-owned company, a passion for travel is in her blood.

Prior to joining the firm, Ashley spent a decade in Washington, DC focused on ending veteran homelessness in the Nation's Capital. There, she led Miriam’s Kitchen’s fundraising events and strategic partnerships with fortune 100 companies.

Ashley’s greatest joy is when she can combine her loves of impact and travel by crafting incentive trips that include volunteer and philanthropic components.

This year, Ashley is focused on being a “Safe Travel Ambassador”. Each month, she is living in a new “incentive friendly” country. While there, she is learning about and highlighting everything the planning community needs to know about COVID protocols and hosting safe events in those destinations. As a “Safe Travel Ambassador,” she hopes that by providing essential education and resources—she can equip the meetings industry with the tools needed to usher in the next era of safe, engaging events.

Ashley also proudly leads SITE Midwest as the chapter’s President and serves on the board of Jeremy Cares (an Ohio-based non-profit that supports children living with medical crises).

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