Courtney Stanley is an award-winning changemaker, compelling keynote speaker, master mentor and acclaimed creator of the women-inspired podcast, Dare to Interrupt. She has spent 10 years helping young professionals, executives and organizations engage in game-changing, honest conversations about identifying and empowering fresh talent, improving team and community dynamics, and embracing impactful dialogue that drives change and achieves multilevel success. 

Trained in the fields of experience design and leadership development, Courtney has worked with young trailblazers on career advancement and senior executives on curating successful leaders on stages and in boardrooms throughout North America and internationally. 

Her belief that empowering professionals through intergenerational collaboration, meeting with meaning and vulnerable yet constructive dialogue has resulted in changed behaviors and altered approaches to leadership all around the world. 

Through her keynote presentations and personalized services, Courtney inspires audiences, teams, and clients to trust that empathy, grit, and integrity are the keys to success. She lives in Grand Rapids, MI and loves spending summertime enjoying her state’s beautiful Great Lakes and wine country.


Lynn M.


Courtney was a motivational and inspiring leader as the group worked to improve the experience for our young professional members and students. Courtney showed great patience and encouragement, which I believe led to our group's successes. Courtney has supported me in the industry by encouraging me to always take the next step, take risks, and believe in myself. Her kind words and guidance over the past two years has been extremely empowering and deeply appreciated. Courtney is kind, compassionate, and a cheerleader for what she believes in. It would be an honour to work with Courtney again, and an opportunity I would jump at.

Trevor L. 

The Highbell Group

Energetic, passionate and thought-provoking leader. Courtney is unapologetic in her quest to push the boundaries for change. Her body of work and track record in a short time has and continues to help catapult our industry into the future. I’m proud and lucky to have been witness to this first hand and look forward to her continued contributions.

Thorben G.


Courtney is one of the most exciting people I have ever worked with. She's a go-getter and gets stuff done. The nice twist here is that Courtney is not a Wolf-of-Wallstreet-kind of go-getter, but someone who really and deeply cares about ethics and team. This is a rare trait that I have not observed in many people, being helpful, understanding, but also brutally honest and straightforward when it is necessary.

Lorie T.

 Grand Valley State University

If there was ever a "higher than high" recommendation - Courtney would definitely receive mine! She was, and continues to be the most amazing, profound, and intellectually insightful young professional I have ever met. Hire her to speak, coach or consult? You would be crazy not to -- I promise you this, if you need to take your organization or team to the next level, Courtney is the one for the job. She certainly made an impact on our program. I wish her every success and know that whatever she touches will turn to gold!

Christine M.

 Themed Entertainment Association

Courtney is the quintessential changemaker. A champion for all, she is fearlessly leading the way to a brighter, better future by sheer will and example. I have been fortunate to have her as my coach, and I can’t say enough about her quality of coaching and who she is as a global citizen and champion of women. She’s supportive, enthusiastic and believes whole-heartedly in what she does and what she stands for. A powerhouse of strategic and creative ideas, she has mastered the perfect balance between support and guidance while allowing for individual growth and exploration of ideas.