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Living Fearlessly, Embracing Change and Celebrating Life

How often do we pause to appreciate the life we have, and are we really experiencing the best life we can?

Megan Powers, Chief Strategist at Powers of Marketing, shares her story of uniting the events community to celebrate and honor the legacy of industry leader and friend, Elizabeth Glau.

Read on for information about the star of this episode, Megan Powers!

Megan Powers is a creator who thrives on helping people learn. While she has worked in a variety of industries, her main vertical over the years has been meetings and events.

Founded in 2013, her company Powers of Marketing is a boutique strategic marketing communication agency.

They provide product marketing, podcast hosting, event planning & production (online and in person), strategy consultation, training and content development to organizations seeking to strategically market themselves through content and events.

Megan is passionate about being face-to-face for events AND about the opportunities digital spaces also give us to interact, learn, and grow revenue.

Her podcast Making a Marketer has been going strong since 2017, and covers all aspects of marketing and business.

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