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Live Out Loud: Owning Who You Are, as Defined by You

How, as women, can we learn to consistently—and confidently—embrace who we are?

Zoe Moore, diversity, equity and inclusion consultant and founder of Moore Consulting Agency, shares how she has given herself permission to amplify her strengths, redefine her own standard of beauty and show up as her authentic self.

Read on for information about the star of this episode, Zoe Moore!

An Army veteran and self-proclaimed “Doerpreneur,” Zoe is skilled at inclusive event management, consulting, speaking and writing on topics of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strategy in the hospitality, meetings, events and tourism industries. She engages with leaders to examine how operational biases hinder the development, enforcement and training of policies, procedures and programs.

She is solution-driven and helps to determine measurable as well as sustainable programs. Beginning with data from surveys, assessments, interviews and questionnaires, she gathers insights to guide organizations to implementation. She is an advocate for supplier diversity across the business ecosystem, ensuring that under-resourced professionals and companies in the hospitality, meetings, events and tourism industries are afforded access to professional development, procurement and opportunities that result in economic empowerment.

Following 12 years of service in the U.S. Army, she remains a detail-oriented, diligent and persistent professional with logistical, innovative and managerial skills. She values authenticity, accountability and has a high capacity for emotional intelligence, especially during heightened moments of stress and discomfort. She lives for collaborating and engaging on team projects that are organized, goal oriented and embrace critique as a tool for sustained growth. She is committed to changing the narrative around the perception and value of the African Diaspora.

Born into American culture, she has a wanderlust and aspiration to explore the continent of her ancestors’ origins. As a Certified Diversity Practitioner (CDP) with an M.S. in Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism, she appreciates education and plans to pursue a PhD with a foundation in human behavior and urban planning beginning in 2023.

As founder of Moore Consulting Agency LLC, she is doing business as Grow with Zomo. Her goal is to develop courses, content and workshops that help professionals think strategically about EDI. She is seeking clients, speaking engagements and a book publisher to support her journey to becoming a book author.

She yearns to strengthen her community of practitioners, educators, industry leaders and professionals that are committed to dismantling systems of oppression and decolonizing social attitudes, practices and operations. Moreover, she is drawn to those that comprehend the strategic intersection between history, religion, politics, economics, and human behavior that aids in developing the business case/ROI for Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

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