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Fate Favors the Bold: Entrepreneurship and the Future of Events

What does it take to make the leap into entrepreneurship?

Tracy Leparulo, founder and CEO of Untraceable Events, shares how she built her company and reputation as an innovator, futurist and leader in the male-dominated fields of financial technology and cryptocurrency.

Read on for information about the star of this episode, Tracy Leparulo!

Tracy Leparulo, early advocate for blockchain technology and futurist, founded Untraceable in 2013 to help build and grow the cryptocurrency community through game changer events. As an early investor, Tracy has navigated through the blockchain ecosystems working on various projects from bitcoin wallets to ICOs and certified training. Tracy is committed to providing a platform for the greatest minds to share knowledge, build technology and create stronger connections within a diverse technology community.

She also has a passion for social enterprises—she founded a micro-finance and financial literacy initiative in eastern Kenya. She continues to work with the Autism community by helping youth develop social enterprises that leverage technology. She was also on the founding team of Ryerson's Digital Media Zone along with multiple incubators and accelerators across Toronto. Most recently she has taken on the role of head of marketing for FinTech company Zytara, bringing connecting consumers to major brands through blockchain technology. Tracy provides her connections as mentor, advisor and investor in early-stage businesses.

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