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Group Speaker Training

Have you ever attended a boring presentation? Of course you have. If you have found yourself zoning out, playing on your phone or reheating your coffee for the fifth time during a virtual event, you’re not alone. Public speaking is hard enough for a lot of people, but throw in new technology and presenting to a computer screen or studio camera instead of a real audience, and many speakers quickly become overwhelmed and decide to stick to the “let’s just get this over with” mentality and approach.


Courtney works directly with CEOs, team leaders, and staff members to help them deliver really engaging, authentic, and impactful presentations for in-person, hybrid, and/or virtual experiences. Now, more than ever, we need to be connecting with our people effectively, whether the audience is filled with customers, employees, members or stakeholders.

“Courtney worked with our CEO, COO, executive team and sales leaders to ensure that every single person felt prepared and confident in their ability to deliver an impactful presentation. Her knowledge of human behavior, audience engagement, and delivery styles took our entire conference to the next level. 10/10 would recommend.” - Anonymous


1-1 Strategy Sessions

Are you looking to level up and step into your next chapter? Would you benefit from private coaching sessions where you focus on developing your strategy to refine your purpose, build your confidence, and create an impactful roadmap to achieve your dreams? 


Are you a woman who:

- Is seeking guidance, support, and expertise in creating, expanding, or pivoting her business, her career, and/or professional brand?

- Is driven and motivated, but craves support and high-level strategic mentorship to reach her full potential?

- Is a self-starter, but wants an experienced coach to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with?

- Is done doubting herself or playing small, and knows she's meant to level up and step into her next chapter?


Courtney works 1-1 with all kinds of professional women including association leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, event planners, marketers, corporate professionals, and more. With over 10 years experience in brand marketing/PR, public speaking and business strategy, and a formal degree in Leadership Studies, Courtney blends her skills, experience, and intuition to help guide you to your next level.

"I had the privilege of meeting with Courtney for a 1-1 coaching session to talk about life, career, and how to maximize my productivity levels. She is encouraging, kind, funny, and a total boss babe. If you feel like you're struggling to be your best self, I couldn't recommend reaching out to her more. Courtney has changed my outlook on life. Find any of her keynotes or webinars if you can; you won't regret it." - Mollie S., Cardinal Financial Company

"Courtney approaches everything she does with determination, strength, and personality. As a speaker, she grinds every day to ensure she is always at the forefront with her content. She isn’t afraid to upgrade the conversation to breakdown some difficult topics to challenge the status quo, influence change in culture and empower attendees to look within themselves to level up their leadership and inspire others around them. Audiences can’t help but leave inspired. As a coach, she is intentional, focused, and committed to help you obtain your goals, whatever they may be. She approaches things from the heart first to help build your confidence and inner strength. Then, collectively, you can attack the mental side of breaking through to your next level. She has a way of helping you find the inner strength and confidence that you probably already had but just hadn’t embraced yet. You end up leaving not only a better version of you but with a life-long friend and forever champion."

- Cassie Poss, CMP, Sports Events Manager, Visit Forth Worth

Group Speaker Training
#UNSTOPPABLE 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Dare to Interrupt VIP Mastermind

Once a year, Courtney hosts a 5-week VIP mastermind experience for ambitious women who are truly committed to leveling up and stepping into their next chapter. This exclusive, limited-capacity course offers deep-dive coaching on how to excel in your business, career and life, and is highly-focused on accountability, community, and collaboration with like-minded women.

“This program set me on fire and lit me up from the inside out. I needed that motivation, structure, and accountability to take those critical steps forward. Worth every penny.” - Anonymous

VIP #Daretointerrupt Mastermind Program

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